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sauna rules

Sauna rules

Dear guests,


You are welcome to use sauna in the house two times a week free of charge. Please reserve convenient time for you one day before.

  1. In the sauna cabin maximum 4 people can be at the same time.

  2. There are enough towels in the Sauna. So you don’t need to take your towels from apartments. Please use towels for the sauna benches (skin shouldn't be in contact with wood). After use, please leave the sauna towels in the sauna so we can wash them for the next use.

  3. Please be careful with infusion, don’t pour too much water on the stones.

  4. Please don’t change any settings of the Sauna. If you need assistance you can call us.

  5. Please inform us, when you are finished with sauna, so we can switch it off. 

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